Cohort Analysis

MedicaSafe worked with a local substance use disorder outpatient clinic for a pilot program of the first iteration of our adherence monitoring technology. To visualize the pilot outcomes, I, along with my colleagues Caitlin and Brian, hand-coded historical data from paper medical records for patients on MedicaSafe as well as a retrospectively matched cohort. Our Chief Medical Officer presented the results at the 2017 Clinical Neuroscience Summit.


Our primary motivation was descriptive and exploratory. We had anecodotal evidence that the clinician-selected sample of patients had good outcomes, and we were interested in seeing how their outcomes might be put into context. (N.b. — This observational design isn’t great for evaluating an intervention; ask me about our recently-funded RCT!)

My Role

I conducted the compliance and retention analyses using SQL to query our databases for adherence data. The comparator compliance value mentioned was my find from a literature review. After urine drug screen data were coded, I binned the data in two-week blocks for cleaner presentation and generated the plot. I designed the poster and was the lead author for all poster sections aside from the background.