Design and Web Development

I served as the design go-to for about a year at my start-up job, until I led the hiring of a real designer (whew!) I gained a true love of design over that period of time, and here I showcase some samples I like. I also designed and developed a company website, using Bootstrap, HTML/CSS, and a couple of javascript libraries.


I worked with .svg exported from CAD files to create accurate, IKEA-like instructions for loading and filling MedicaSafe’s first dispenser using Adobe Illustrator.

I designed instructions for use for both of MedicaSafe's devices, which were used in human factors and elder safety studies.

Pitching, Branding, and Assets

In the summer of 2017, I revamped my company’s investor deck and website at the beginning of an investor round.

I created foundational assets for a potential project by designing a logo and branding guide. I learned how to present a rebranding from working with other designers and wonderful sources like behance.